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Sale of Rangyai Island with a hotel, bars, bungalows near Phuket.

According to the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand, at the moment a foreign citizen does not have the right to acquire ownership of land, houses, villas - the title to a company registered in the Kingdom of Thailand is being formalized. Registration of ownership for foreign citizens is currently possible only for apartments in condominiums - this will be your official property with all the documents in the name of a foreign buyer. Since 2019, negotiations and meetings are being held at which the possibility of providing foreign citizens to buy and register land in their name is being considered, but so far this law has not been adopted, we hope that in the near future such a law will receive the approval of the governments of the Kingdom of Thailand.



For reference: Phuket was visited by an average of 13,500,000 people per year before PANDEMIA.Pattaya on average before PANDEMIC was visited by 18,000,000 people per year



Infrastructure: Developed

Ownership: Entire island

Located east of Phuket, an island popular with tourists and property owners, Rangyai is the largest island currently available for sale in the region. The island is close to Phuket and Coconut, where there are many resorts that are very popular with tourists. Rangyai is well positioned in the area.


Status: for sale

The island (445,200 sq.m.) is supplied with fresh water, an electric generator. The island is located just 20 minutes from Phuket International Airport and 10 minutes by boat from the nearest town.

Rangyai is embellished with beautiful white sandy beaches and lush rainforest. In addition, given its prime location between Phuket, Krabi, and Phangna, the island offers incredible 360-degree views.


History of Rangyai Island

Seventy years ago, a little island gem, less than a 15-minute boat ride from Phuket, covered in coconut, pine trees and a white sandy beach, had no name. Over time, it became a favorite fishing spot for the local fisherman due to its abundant "Pla Lang" or "Lang Fish". Then the locals began to call the island "Rang Island". The name it covers today.

The size of Rang Yai Island is 275 Rai. In 1990, Richy Island Phuket Co., Ltd became the official owner of the island and operated it as an ecotourism business. Later it became known as a great place for pearl culture. Today it is registered as a Pearl Farm named Phuket Pearl Farm. It produces top quality pearls for export all over the world.

Rang Yai Island, just minutes (5 km) from Boat Lagoon Marina, is a must-see for daily excursions or intimate camping experiences for beginners and beginners alike.

The hotel offers canoeing, mini golf, mountain biking, volleyball, hiking, darts and many other outdoor activities.

Another attraction is the live demonstration of how pearls are grown, harvested and made into beautiful jewelry. Before leaving the island, a visit to the Pearl Exhibition Hall should be the culmination of your trip to Rang Yai Island and take with you the memories of this exotic island.



Sales Prices 157,000,000 $

 Reconstruction of the island is estimated by experts to be approximately

$ 25,000,000 - $ 45,000,000

 Registration of ownership of a Thai company (legislation of the Kingdom of Thailand)

 Investments for a period of 12 years, interest rate per year 5%



Based on the resolution of the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand, investment funds entering the territory of the Kingdom for the purpose of acquisition and construction are required to register with the Land Department of the Kingdom of Thailand. Without registration of land-related projects, investment funds will not be credited to the investment accounts of the companies and will be returned to the sender's bank.Guarantee: Registration of the project for the investor or his representative (registration of the project contract in the land department of the Kingdom of Thailand)



The uniqueness of the project is the creation of 5 types of beach for any age of vacationers

  • Family beach
  • Youth beach with open disco area
  • Nude beach
  • Relaxing beach accompanied by relaxing music
  • Gay and lesbian beach


Construction infrastructure:

  • 5 Hotels of 8 floors with 620 rooms
  • 18 private villas with 2, 3, 4 bedrooms on the first line of the sea
  • 10 One-Bedroom Bungalows
  • Residential building for the staff of the island
  • Condominium of 15 floors for 350 apartments (studios, apartments with 1 and 2 bedrooms) (construction is possible with the approval of government agencies of the government of Phuket)
  • Construction of the territory and removal of household and food waste
  • Restaurants
  • Bars on the seaside
  • Grocery stores
  • Outdoor Park for vacationers all over the island with walking and cycling paths, fans
  • A fitness center
  • Video surveillance throughout the island
  • Laying and connecting electricity from the mainland
  • Installation and connection of the system is paid through personal cards of the island (bypassing cash payment)
  • Installation of ATMs
  • Construction of a pier for yachts and boats


According to experts' estimates and based on the accumulated experience, the statistics of attendance of the island of Ko Larn (which is 5,600,000 square meters or 5.6 square kilometers in area) near Pattaya, for the observation period from 2014 to 2019 up to 20,000 people per day, depending on the season).


In 2014the island with day trips (without staying on the island) was visited by 4,140,000 people, on average, each spent on the island 9.68 USD (310 Baht), which brought the island in profit of 40,075,200 USD (1,282,406,200 Baht).


In 2015the island with day trips (without staying on the island) was visited by 5,620,000 people, on average each spent on the island 12.50 USD (400 Baht), which brought the island 70,250,000 USD (2,248,000,000 Baht).


In 2015the island with day trips (without staying on the island) was visited by 7,137,000 people, on average, each spent $ 14 (448 Baht) on the island, which brought the island a profit of 99,918,000 USD (3,122,437 Baht).


The same trend continued from 2016 to early 2020. The Kingdom of Thailand closed its borders on March 26, 2020.


According to statistics, the profit of the island of Ko Larn for the year is 40,106,250 US dollars (1,283,400,000 Baht),while mass tourist groups did not go to the island, the island is not able to receive such groups, there is not a large number of hotels and the arrival on the island was one-day, among them both local residents and international tourists), conclusions and calculations were made for the project:


Full occupancy of hotels, villas, bungalows is 3,500 people per day, the average monthly turnover will be USD 10,500,000 (why the average amount is indicated, this is due to the high, medium, low seasons in Thailand), the average monthly profit will be USD 10,120,000. Calculations by specialists are made on the basis of the complete opening of the Kingdom of Thailand for International Tourism, or including the three countries for mass tourism, which are listed below.


In order to achieve full occupancy, preliminary negotiations were held with tourist operators of the most massive tourist market for the Kingdom of Thailand, Russia, China, India, and the negotiations reached the average price per person for each of the listed countries for a tour to the island, the average rest period is 7 days, 11 days, 14 days and 20 days, the price includes (transfer to the island and departure from the island, entry to the island, three meals a day, 1 excursion around the island, 1 sea excursion, visiting a fitness center every day, a sun lounger and an umbrella on the beach) Russia is $ 95 for 1 day per person, India is $ 79 for 1 day per person, China is $ 117 for 1 day per person (calculated based on the exchange rate of the tourist's country and Thai Baht)


With this model of tourist groups, the investment and interest rate will be returned within 60 months (high, medium and low seasons for mass tourism are different in the number of people and the cost of the tour), (grace period for construction of 15 months is not included)


If there are restrictions on mass international tourism or restrictions on visiting the Kingdom of Thailand, then a second model designed for domestic tourism is presented.


With an average occupancy load of 300 people per day, the following calculations are given:

Average monthly turnover will be $ 1,800,000 (average visit 300 people per day)

This amount includes (entry to the island is paid $ 5 per person, accommodation in a hotel or villa or bungalow, meals)

This amount does not include (the fitness center is paid $ 6 per person for a single visit, excursions both on the island and marine entertainment, the average cost per person is $ 10 for an excursion, delivery by ferry and departure from the island to the mainland is paid $ 6 with person, average amount per month 180,000 USD)

Average monthly profit will be $ 1,680,000.



Preliminary prices per night for accommodation on the island, depending on the season:


Hotel (room 34 sq.m. for 1 - 2 people) - from 30 to 80 US dollars (960 - 2,560 THB)


Hotel (60sqm family room with 2 bedrooms, 4 people occupancy) - 65 to 120 USD (2,080 - 3,840 THB)


Bungalow 48 sq.m. (room for 1 - 2 people) - from 50 to 100 USD (1,600 - 3,200 THB)


Bungalow 55 sq.m. (family, occupancy 3 people) - from 65 to 120 USD (2,080 - 3,840 THB)


Bungalow 65 sq.m. (2-Bedroom Family, 4 People Occupancy) - 80-150 USD (2,560 - 4,800 THB)


Villa with 2 bedrooms and a kitchen 95 sq.m. - from 180 to 270 USD (5,760 - 8,640 THB)


Villa with 3 bedrooms and a kitchen 180 sq.m. - from 230 to 315 US dollars (7,360 - 10,080 THB)


Villa with 4 bedrooms and a kitchen of 210 sq.m. - from 270 to 350 USD (8,640 - 11,200 THB)



If our company obtains the approval and permission of the authorities for the construction of a condominium on the island and the sale of apartments for local residents and foreigners with the right to register ownership, then there will be apartments for sale and rent.



Classification of apartments and preliminary forecast of the cost of sale and rent for 2022 - 2023:


Number 164- Studio apartments with kitchen 50 sqm - sale price 120,000 US dollars (3,840,000 Thai Baht), rent per month depending on the season from 600 to 1,000 dollars per month.


Number 110 - Apartments with 1 bedroom and living room with kitchen 75 sq.m. - cost of sale 180,000 US dollars (5,760,000 THB), rent per month depending on the season from 800 to 1,300 dollars per month.


Number 50 - Apartments with 2 bedrooms and living room with kitchen 126 sq.m. - cost of sale 302,400 USD (9,676,800 THB), rent per month depending on the season from 1,200 to 2,300 USD per month.


Number 20 - Apartments with 3 bedrooms and a living room with a kitchen 156 sq.m. - sale value 374,400 USD (11,980,800 Thai at), rent per month, depending on the season, from 1,800 to 3,000 dollars per month.


Number 6 - Penthouse apartment on 2 floors with 4 bedrooms and living room with kitchen 320 sq.m. private pool - selling price 768,000 USD (24,576,000 THB), rent per month depending on the season from 2,800 to 4,500 USD per month.



When selling an apartment, the owner pays an annual maintenance fee for the condominium, which is 11 US dollars (352 Thai Baht) per 1 sq. M. Re-registration of real estate (apartments in a condominium) takes place in the land committee of the island of Phuket and a tax is paid at the rate of 92 US dollars (2.944 Thai Baht) per 1 sq.m. real estate (50% is paid by the seller and 50% by the buyer) EXAMPLE: studio 50 sq.m. the cost of renewal will be 4,600 USD = 147,200 Thai Baht (of this amount 2,300 USD (73,600 Thai Baht) are paid by the buyer and 2,300 USD (73,600 Thai Baht) are paid by the seller.



The project will be radically different from the rest of the islands of the Kingdom of Thailand in view of the fact that the island will have an international resort similar to the resorts of Spain and France. Preliminary designs of buildings for hotels, villas, bungalows, infrastructure are shown in the photo on this page.


Parking for yachts and boats in the lagoon at the pier, parking spaces 30:


Cost depending on the season for motor boats - from 40 to 80 US dollars (1,280 - 2,560 THB) per day


Cost for yachts (depending on yacht size and season) - from 80 to 150 USD (2,560 - 4,800 THB) per day



Additional income for this project will be profit from the sale of pearls that are grown on the island. The average annual income from the sale of pearls is 750,000 USD (24,000,000 Baht).



According to preliminary forecasts of specialists and based on an estimate of the attendance of other smaller islands, our island can host an average of 2,555,000 people per year - this is equivalent to the average price per person for a one-day vacation on the island of US $ 18 = US $ 45,990,000



Grace period for this project 15 months

 (construction and launch of the first stage of the hotel and the formation of infrastructure)


The investment project can take place in the presence of the investor's representative (from the moment of signing the investment contract throughout the entire construction period of the project) Payment for the investor's representative in the Kingdom of Thailand rests with the host of the project and the official registration of a Work visa with a work permit for the Kingdom of Thailand is carried out at the expense of the host company. investment project.



This project receives the status of a private island, a private resort.


On September 14, 2021,

amendments to the law are being considered where foreign citizens can register land in their own name.

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For this project, you can act as a partner of the company, please see the terms of partnership at the link




Местоположение: Таиланд, Пхукет, Пхукет

Информация об участке

Площадь участка, кв.м.:99999.9
Категория назначения землепользования: ЗНП Земли населенных пунктов
Вид разрешенного использования для участка:ЗНП для ИЖС


ЭлектроснабжениеЗаявка не подана, возможность электроснабжения участка есть


157 000 000 $( ~ 1 600 $/кв.м.)
157 000 000 $ / м²
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