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Marine Rapid Transport Project

The project is aimed at high-speed sea travel of large numbers of passengers to the remote islands of Thailand.


At the first stage, the following directions are considered:

1. Pattaya - Ko Samet Island (117 km)

2. Samet Island - Koh Chang Island (108 km) and vice versa.

3. Pattaya - Hua Hin (107 km) and vice versa.


A marine passenger hydrofoil vessel "Kometa 120M" manufactured in Russia is being considered for the project.

Marine vessel manufacturer website Shipyard

For the project, it is necessary to purchase 4 vessels that will ply in the selected directions.



The new generation marine passenger hydrofoil vessel "Comet 120M" of project 23160 is designed for high-speed passenger transportation during daylight hours in cabins equipped with aviation-type seats.


Ship class

КМ [2] Hydrofoil craft Passenger - A of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.


Operation area

 Seas with a maritime climate of OM, the maximum distance from the port - shelters up to 50 miles.

The distance between places of refuge is up to 100 miles.


Operating conditions

Wave height hв3% up to 2 m and wind up to 4 points.

Outside air temperature from + 5º to + 30ºC, air humidity 80% at + 30ºC, seawater temperature: from + 5ºC.



The movement of the HFV in the wing mode is ensured with a wave height of hv3% up to 2.0 m and a wind of up to 4 points.

With a wave height of hw3% up to 2.5 m and a wind of up to 5 points, safe sailing in displacement mode is ensured.



Overall length, m 35.2

Overall width, m 10.3

Displacement, t 73.0

Overall draft afloat, m 3.5

Speed, knots more than 35

Crew, people 5

Passenger capacity, pers .: 120

• business class salon 22

• economy class cabin 98

Engine power at operating speed, kW 2 x 820

Specific fuel consumption at rated power, g / kWh 2 x 206

Range at full displacement, 200 miles

Swimming autonomy, h 8


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Investment in the amount of USD 16,000,000

Investment period 72 months.

Interest rate per year 5%



Местоположение: Таиланд, Чонбури, Паттайя


16 000 000 $
16 000 000 $
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